My Generation

A Creative Agency project that calls for positive action in society through large scale public artworks in Cork city centre.

Artists: Kelvin Agu; Emmanuel Akinbote; Faith Akinbote; Samuel Akinbote; Omowunmi Akinde; Solomon Amaye Hunter; Rachel Allen; Reem Alsahli; Noreen Angozi; Esther Aribasoye; Amaka Duru; Ugonna Duru; Lilian Eberechi; Daniella Egwim; Inga Figlan; Collin Frank; Colman Frank; Athobe Harmans; Mira Henchi; Ericka Lingwood; Doireann Magee-Salawu; Prince Matsetto; Hayat Mehmood; Sania Mehmood; Shewa Mogaji; Arinette Mokola; Maria Mulanga; Louise Ndlov; Nanette Ndlov; Charmaine Ngwenya; Chisom Nwauzor; Sarah O’Mahony; Craig Sibanda; Ethen Sibanda; Elton Sibanda; Isabel Sibanda; Joshua Sibanda; Alicia Sibindi; Abubakar Twalib.

My Generation was a creative presentation of the ideas and experiences of a group of young people working under the guidance of artist Kate O’Shea and the Glucksman team at University College Cork. Using photography, hand-writing, collage and drawing, teenage asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and youth activists from across Cork city and county sought to find imaginative ways to communicate their lives in 2020 Ireland. 

Empowered by the global Black Lives Matter movement, this generation of young people demand change through the artworks that they presented for Culture Night 2020 at Cork City Library and Kyrl’s Quay. These large scale artworks invited viewers to consider the ways in which we can each make a difference.

Project Artists: Kate O’Shea, Joe Caslin, Eve Olney

Curated by Tadhg Crowley and supported by Stevie G

This project was run in partnership with Cork Migrant Centre, Nano Nagle Place

My Generation was delivered as part of the Glucksman's Creative Agency programme funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.