Change the Beat!

Change the Beat! invited teenage asylum seekers, refugees and migrants from Cork to work with artist Shane O’Driscoll in the Glucksman in August 2019.

Music plays an important role in our daily lives and in our social fabric. We listen to music while alone or with others, through headphones or speakers, as background or as foreground. Music soundtracks our experiences  of traveling, shopping, working or relaxing. The presence of music in so many facets of our lives raises the question - how does music help to shape our identity?

Change the Beat! explored the importance of music in teenage years to support and enrich the development of a positive self-identity as well as providing confidence, motivation and a sense of belonging.

During August 2019, teenagers were invited to explore these ideas through creative activities at the Glucksman, developing a greater understanding of their own musical habits and how the music they listen to represents who they are and who they hope to become. 

 The 27 participating teenagers, aged between 13-18 years, created their own unique artworks that were exhibited at the Glucksman as part of UCC Community Week and at seven public venues around the city. 

As part of the project, 5 images were selected to create postcards available in each exhibition venue.

Change the Beat! project artist: Shane O'Driscoll

Change the Beat! was curated by Tadhg Crowley with support from curatorial assistant Lucia Taubler and additional cultural input from Stevie G and Andrea Williams. 

Change the Beat! was funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.