In Colour

A Creative Agency project that explores identity and heritage through original flag designs.

In Autumn 2021, the Glucksman invited teenage asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to work with artist Emma O’Hara to design original flags. The flags explore the young people’s identity and heritage, their relationship to family history and their connections and experiences of Irish society and culture. 

Flags can symbolize a particular country, culture, community or movement but each of our own histories and experiences are unique. This project will allow the young people to share their story and celebrate their identity. 

In February 2022, the teenagers flags were exhibited at the Glucksman. A collaborative Solidarity Flag designed by the group was raised over the Quad in University College Cork and over Cork City Hall as part of two memorable events for UCC Refugee Week.

Participants: Aaliyah, Abdul M., Abdul, Alizay, Joyce, Kelvin, Wahid, Zarif. Artist: Emma O’Hara

Curated by Tadhg Crowley

Facilitated by Orla Dalby and Fionnuala O’Connell

In Colour is delivered as part of the Glucksman's Creative Agency programme funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.