Online workshop that invites you to redesign your local streets and to consider what improvements you would make to Cork as part of the Freedom of the City project. 

Re-design your local street as you’d like to see it. In this stop-motion and collage workshop, students will consider what improvements they would make to their locale. They'll learn digital and practical approaches that will enable participants to shape their ideas into something that is easily shared. Why not have a say in what your street looks like and design a fun environment for yourself, your friends and other young people?

Claire Coughlan and Helen O'Keeffe run a youth arts project called Splattervan. Splattervan creatively explores local and global issues with young people through urban art. It engages with youth groups in a fun way to promote participation and active citizenship. Since 2013, the initiative has worked with schools and community groups to give young people the creative tools to make their voices heard in imaginative ways. 

Freedom of the City is funded by Cork City Council.