Online workshop that invites you to consider how architecture shapes Cork's urban spaces as part of the Freedom of the City project. 

Cork city’s buildings were designed and constructed over a number of centuries and give an insight into the city’s history. We’ll be exploring some of these buildings and inviting children to create drawings that celebrate the city’s architecture while identifying the places and spaces that are most important to our young citizens. Join artist Ciara Rodgers as she guides children through drawing techniques that will allow you to describe and design fun, scary, and exciting buildings in the city. 

Ciara Rodgers is visual artist living and working in Cork, Ireland. A member of the Backwater Artists Group, Rodgers' practice includes instant analogue photography, charcoal drawing and sculptural installation. Ciara Rodgers' interests and research focus on mid-century modernist architecture, on modern ruins and the debris that remains. Rodgers has a BA (hons) Fine Art and an MA in Art and Process (MA:AP) from Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork. Ciara Rodgers' work is held in private, corporate and college collections in Ireland, Europe and Australia.

Freedom of the City is funded by Cork City Council.