June 2021

Bassam Al Sabah

Longing, beyond is a new installation by artist Bassam Al Sabah commissioned by the Glucksman as part of Cork Midsummer festival.

Bassam Al-Sabah’s Longing, Beyond is a new project which combines digital animation, painting, sculpture and textiles to convey visions of war, resistance and perseverance. Exhibited in the window façade of Finn’s Corner, Cork City, the work comprises a scaffolding installation of video monitors, hand-tufted rugs and sculptural objects. Through digital and handmade works, which often incorporate intricate and laborious craft processes, Longing, Beyond explores how the past is continually revised to meet the present, and the ways in which juvenile fantasy is broken down into the reality of adulthood.

Curated by Chris Clarke and commissioned by the Glucksman in partnership with Cork Midsummer Festival. It was on view to the public from 14 - 27 June 2021.