Autumn 2021

Art Movements

A participatory performance by Inma Pavon developed in collaboration with students from University College Cork.

In Autumn 2021, the Glucksman invited third level students at University College Cork to participate in a series of workshops with artist Inma Pavon in order to develop an artwork that focused on mental health and creative wellbeing. The participants explored issues such as mental health awareness, stigma and recovery through guided discussions, campus walks, practical movements and creative activities. 

Art Movements premiered online on Saturday 15 January 2022 as part of First Fortnight Festival. The performance featured the artist and third level students and viewers were given a set of simple instructions that would enable them to participate in the event. 

The performance is now captured as a 30 minute film and a set of choreography notes and photographs to facilitate further discussions around creativity and wellbeing amongst wider audiences. 

Participating Students: Brid Breathnach, Carolyn Collier, Srujani Dash, Isabella Dogliani, Bridin Foster, Louison Frezza, Sara Jundi, Kaya Kramer, Izabela Lovric, Laura Mancano, Allison Mula, Roksana Niewadzisz, Micheál O’Coileain, Kate O’Gorman, Emily O’Keeffe, Georgia Rodrigues, Diana Stoica, Emily Sweeney, Baneen Talpur, Ellie Wright

Curated by Tadhg Crowley

Photography by Dervla Baker

Filming by Colm Walsh

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and private philanthropy through Cork University Foundation