James L Hayes Homegrown

Available through The Art Library

MaterialsCast bronze multiple, felt, twine, walnut & Perspex vitrine
ProvenanceAcquired from artist

Homegrown comprises of three large stems of asparagus cast in bronze, set on a handmade felt cushion. These asparagus were grown in rural Ireland while the asparagus we buy in shops in Ireland are predominately imported. The all year round demand for asparagus in Europe and north America comes at a great ecological cost to farmers of South and Latin America, forced to clear their indigenous forests and crops, destroying vital ecosystems. This work mulls over the various sides of globe in which we, as consumers, fight against this crops’ natural order to satisfy the culinary desires of western diets and desires.

Exhibitions/Projects at the Glucksman


Groundwork: Climate awareness in the UCC Art Collection


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