Creative Agency

Creative Agency is an ongoing project devised by the Glucksman to empower young asylum seekers, refugees and migrants to participate in imaginative projects that enable them to present their voices and views in the public realm. 

From the outset, Creative Agency was conceived, designed and delivered in partnership with university colleagues who have been working with communities living in Direct Provision for over 20 years. Building on their research, we were able to provide considered engagement with young asylum seekers and to devise creative projects specific to their needs. The support of UCC staff and students has also been central to enabling the young participants to develop skills, resilience and creative agency. 

The programme:

  1. enables young asylum seekers to work with artists and curators over an extended series of workshops;
  2. continues to offer a positive and creative experience to a marginalized community; 
  3. and provides the resources and expertise that will allow the group to develop artworks for public display. 

It is designed to ensure there is a shared discourse (all participants have their say), a collective ownership of knowledge, to look at possibilities together (invite change) and provide the young people with the opportunity to bring their ideas to public discussion. 

At the Glucksman, we believe that the opportunity for community groups to showcase their creativity through exhibitions or performances is crucial to their overall experience with the museum. This opportunity for reflection and recognition is particularly vital for these young people.