The Glucksman invites school groups to explore and imagine art in the galleries through a seasonal programme of art workshops.

These sessions are tailored for different age groups to introduce creative and collaborative activities. This season in partnership with UCC Green Campus, we have devised a number of workshops that also explore environmental issues. 

Workshops are 1.5 hours long and are offered throughout the year. For detailed information about a specific workshop for your group, please email Workshops cost €100. Advance booking with the education department is essential for all workshops.   

We also have specific programmes for art teachers to support creative learning in the classroom.  

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Primary Level Workshops

1 December 2018 - 10 March 2019, 1.5 hour workshop €100,

Booking essential

Primary School Junior Cycle (5-8 years)

Art + Light: Play Dough Science

Learn the basics of electrical circuits in this workshop that invites children to create their own sculptures. Students will work with play-dough, batteries and LED’s as they invent unique designs inspired by artworks in our current exhibition PRISM.  

Primary School Senior Cycle (8-12 years) 

Art + Light: Spectroscope

Light experiments are always fun, especially when they involve rainbows!  In this creative science activity children will make their own spectroscope- an instrument used to split light into different wavelengths, which we see as different colours of the rainbow.

Please contact for booking and further information.

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Secondary Level Workshops

4 December 2018 - 10 March 2019, 1.5 hour workshop €100,

Booking essential

Secondary School Junior Cycle (12-15 years)

Art + Light: Light installations

Taking inspiration from modernist artworks and our natural environment students will design and build their own sculptures. Using cellophane, wire, card and projectors, participants will work together to create a large-scale light installation. 

Secondary School Senior Cycle (15 - 18 years) 

Art + Light: Cyanotype printing

Create your own photographic prints in this hands-on workshop that takes inspiration from one of the earliest forms of photography. Discover the science behind the printing process that uses photosensitive materials, chemicals and UV light and was commonly used to create blueprints. 

Please contact for booking and further information.