HOME: Ciara Roche

Ciara Roche’s works explore ideas of residency, identity and placemaking, drawing on her recent experiences in Sydney, Australia.

Having lived in a place called Breakfast Point, along one of Sydney’s famous estuaries, she found herself unable to paint for several months, up until a month before she was due to return to Ireland. Each of the works here captures a site of personal significance, from The Palace, a hotel where she made her first Australian friends, to the Breakfast Café where she would have her morning coffee. The Beaconwas a nearby shop that signalled that she was almost home after a long day of work and, in her painting, the building is vividly illuminated against an empty road and the night sky. 

Roche’s paintings are small studies, only slightly larger than an A4 page, with each body of work based around a particular place of interest. These sites are usually areas of recreation and leisure but there are no figures present . The artist visited and closely observed the built environment at different times of the day and while she imbues her paintings with the specificity of light and shadow the works somehow remain enigmatic, almost timeless, perhaps due to the absence of any human forms.