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Selective Memory:
Artists in the archive

Zbyněk Baladrán, Paulien Barbas, David Raymond Conroy, Dani Gal, Ruth Maclennan, Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan, Lucy McKenzie, Marge Monko, Gavin Murphy, Alan Phelan, Anne Ramsden, Jasper Rigole, Valerie Snobeck, Sean Snyder, and Miek Zwamborn

Curated by Chris Clarke and Orla Murphy
in association with Digital Arts and Humanities, UCC

The archive preserves the past, its remnants and records, within a repository of human knowledge. However, it also offers a space for critical engagement and creative invention, for challenging the archive's supposed objectivity with unorthodox histories, subversive interpretations and speculative ideas. Drawing on photographs, documents, film footage and texts, artists have used the archive to create new works from existing materials, to unsettle established readings of the past and to imagine alternative narratives. 

Selective Memory explores the ways in which Irish and international artists continually return to the archive, in order to imbue it with a sense of subjectivity and individuality. While artworks in the exhibition address themes such as material, narrative, site and speculation, they have been further designated with 'keywords' that allow for different trajectories to be mapped across the physical layout of the galleries. Capturing the ways in which artists and academics explore the archive, this non-linear approach invites the viewer to sift through materials, follow distinct lines of inquiry and to forge new, unanticipated connections.

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