Deep Maps:
West Cork Coastal Cultures

Research project led by Professor Claire Connolly and Dr Rob McAllen

Curated by Michael Waldron

Deep Maps: West Cork Coastal Cultures is an interdisciplinary research project at UCC led that investigates the biological, cultural, and historical context of the southwest coast of Ireland. In uniting current environmental priorities with a depth of historical and cultural knowledge, the project seeks to communicate both the fragility of the marine environment and the durability of coastal cultures. 

Deep mapping weaves together different narratives of place across time. Susan Naramore Maher describes a deep map as presenting ‘the multiple histories of place, the cross-sectional stories of natural and human history as traced through eons and generations.’ Through layered storytelling within digital environments, a deep map departs from literal cartography and seeks new forms of information-rich mapping. 

This exhibition focuses on the deep mapping of the West Cork coastline from Timoleague to Bantry Bay. Taking visitors on a journey from traditional cartography through objects of cultural value and scientific inquiry, it seeks to enrich our knowledge of the diverse ways in which culture connects us with our marine environment.

Deep Maps is funded by the Irish Research Council with additional support from the Office of Vice-President for Teaching and Learning, UCC.