This Is Who I Am: Exhibition celebrating Traveller culture

Showcase of artworks created by local Traveller groups in workshops at the Glucksman 

Over the past number of years the Glucksman has been working on creative projects with the Cork Traveller community that celebrates its unique culture and heritage. In May 2019, a group of talented teenagers from Meelagh Young Girls Group, Mahon visited the Glucksman to take part in a creative workshop exploring Traveller ethnicity. The girls worked together to create bags, posters and a large-scale painting that depicts the Traveller Ethnicity Pin.

This Is Who I Am presents the Cork Traveller flag created by artists Claire Coughlan and Helen O’Keeffe with members of Cork Traveller Visibility Group and Cork Traveller Women’s Network at the Glucksman in 2018. The flag is currently flying over City Hall as a gesture of inclusion. Also displayed are a series of drawings and paintings by young girls from Spring Lane halting site. The girls have been visiting the Glucksman over the past year, engaging in different projects and events. Their artworks depict their ideal homes and include designs that combine futuristic features with Traveller heritage. 

Presented as part of Cork Traveller Pride Week