Home from Home
Irish artists respond to COVID 19 restrictions

Sara Baume

Artist Response

In 2015 I became very interested in souvenirs, and in the past five years I’ve made a number of works that explore their symbolism, materiality and cultural significance. My piece for the exhibition Home: Being and Belonging in Contemporary Ireland comprises one-hundred small ornaments each based on the traditional Irish cottage souvenir, and for Home from Home I will continue to explore this particular object. 

If a souvenir is a token of an unfamiliar place that exists to preserve an exceptional experience, then what form would a souvenir from a desperately familiar place take, or a series of souvenirs from a summer of unexceptional, routine experiences? For the duration of this period of confinement, I intend to make as many miniatures of the house where I live as possible, and to write a text that weighs the banality of ornament-making against the backdrop of epic catastrophe.

About the Artist

Sara Baume is a writer and artist based in West Cork. She is the author of two novels and a non-fiction book called handiwork, published in spring 2020. In autumn 2018 her debut solo exhibition took place in the Morley Gallery in central London with the support of Culture Ireland. In her visual projects as in her writing, she pursues an obsession with the world of detail, and with the potential force of small objects made with affection and solicitude.