Cassandra Eustace's drawings are on display at St. Brendan's Community Centre, The Glen

As the population of Cork grew after the baby boom of the late 1940s and 50s, the corporation responded by building some of the city’s first large scale housing developments. One such development in The Glen neighbourhood north of the city saw a huge transformation for the area and its residents. 

Cassandra Eustace was invited by the Glucksman to collaborate with women from St. Brendan’s Community Centre in the Glen on an art project early this year. The project explored the history of the residential development of The Glen in the 1960s and the relationships, memories and stories that have come to shape the neighbourhood’s identity.

Born and raised in The Glen, historian and writer Gerard O’Brien has a deep connection to the area. His childhood memories of the Glen and his extensive research on its history provide us with an intriguing view of our evolving city.

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