Emma O'Hara Sunstreams

Available through The Art Library

ProvenanceCommissioned from the artist as part of the New Light billboard project

Sunstreams is a collage-based artwork created in response to the theme New Light. Having been confined to a city during quarantine there is a huge sense of realisation of how important it is for us to engage with the natural environment. Vegetation, open air and water are so integral to our mental health and wellbeing. By using bold unnatural colours, O’Hara hopes to captivate the viewer and give them a sense of being immersed within the jungle-like landscape. The word isolation comes with a lot of negativity during this time; however, by allowing the viewer to feel isolated while engaging with the artwork there comes a sense of freedom. The intention is to encourage people to reconnect with our environment and relieve the viewer of the stress and anxiety of the city environment and the current uncertainty of life in lockdown.

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New Light


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