Gabhann Dunne (b. 1975)Horse Chestnut

Available through The Art Library

Size30cm x 45cm
MaterialsOil on board

Horse Chestnut is part of the series Trees of UCC that responds to the diverse flora of the UCC arboretum, a collection of approximately 2,500 trees across the university grounds. The Horse Chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum is native to the Balkan Peninsula. It was first introduced to the Ireland from Turkey in the late 16th century and widely planted. Although rarely found in woodland, it is a common sight in parks, gardens, streets and on village greens. It is a large deciduous tree. The tree is covered spikey white flowers in May which are a valuable nectar source for bees. These are followed in early autumn by big, spiky fruit which hold the shiny-brown ‘conker'. With gestural brushstrokes and a bright palette, Dunne connects the trees together, binding them in colour and form to the shared campus that is their home. 

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