Spring 2020

Tales of a City

Artist Cassandra Eustace creates new artwork in partnership with St. Brendan’s Senior Community, The Glen, Cork.

Curated by Tadhg Crowley

In Spring 2020, the Glucksman invited St Brendan’s Senior Community from The Glen to work with artist Cassandra Eustace on a project called Tales of a City. The project explored the history of the residential development of The Glen in the 1960s and the relationships, memories and stories that have come to shape the neighbourhood’s identity. Through a series of creative consultations at the Glucksman the community were invited to share memories of their life in the north-side neighbourhood, they took part in drawing classes and visited the University College Cork Special Collections to learn about alternative methods that have been used to capture the history of a place.  

Following suspension of the activities due to COVID 19 restrictions, the project recommenced in August 2020 with a series of interviews between the artist and community members. Adhering to HSE guidelines the short interviews were conducted in the community centre to ensure the safety of participants. These interviews will enable the artist to bring together the experiences and ideas of the group and will provide the content and inspiration to create a new series of drawings.

In late September, the Glucksman will unveil the Tales of a City drawings to the public. 

Tales of a City is run as part of the museum’s Creative Ageing programme. The Glucksman is committed to lifelong learning in the museum and our Creative Ageing programme strand is dedicated to involving older people in all kinds of cultural activities with an emphasis on social, fun and creative encounters.

Tales of a City is funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.