Spring and Autumn 2022


Climate Action Poster Campaign by students of Douglas Community School.

ACT NOW! is a creative project that invited 5th and 6th year students at Douglas Community School in Cork city to work with artist Helen O’Keeffe and the Glucksman art museum in University College Cork on a climate action poster campaign for the public realm. Over an extended series of workshops in Spring and Autumn 2022, the students worked with artists and curators to explore ways that they can communicate their ideas for meaningful change. The focus was on DIY approaches that use sustainable methods and recyclable materials.

The students explored artworks and artists that use visual means to share urgent messages. They considered their audience, message and locations for their artwork. The group also researched art and activism projects, and discovered exciting printmaking techniques, and design approaches.

Alongside this, the school welcomed climate activist Mark Falvey. The content and messaging in Mark’s talk and discussion was designed to help students to distil the information that they wish to communicate.

The public display of the students posters will bring their creativity and important messages to a diverse audience. The students will learn about the challenges and rewards in producing work for the public realm. They will work with curators to identify sites for their posters.

The ACT NOW posters will also be displayed at the Glucksman art museum in UCC. This exhibition will provide students with another moment of celebration and will bring their artworks to a new audience.

Details on the poster campaign and exhibition will be announced soon.

ACT NOW! is supported by the NAPD Creative Engagement Fund.