June 2022

A Story of Home

Artist Joe Caslin is working with Cork Migrant Centre and families who are seeking asylum in Ireland to create new artworks as part of Cork Midsummer Festival. 

Two large-scale murals will be simultaneously installed in locations in Cork city and county, speaking to the presence and absence of the migrant community in rural and urban Ireland.

Joe Caslin is an Irish street artist, art teacher and activist. He is best known for his beautifully rendered pencil drawings, presented outdoors at a massive scale. His work engages directly with the social issues of modern Ireland, on an unavoidable scale - confronting the subjects of suicide, drug addiction, economic marginalisation, marriage equality, stigma in mental health, direct provision, institutional power, consent and most recently, the effects of the Covid19 pandemic on young people. His towering, monochrome drawings define a moment in time while also being deliberately ephemeral, often washing away within a few weeks: leaving us with just memories… and maybe a change of mind and attitude.

A Story of Home is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.