Home from Home
Irish artists respond to COVID 19 restrictions

Martin Boyle

Artist Response

Satellite Images have revealed a dramatic drop in pollution during quarantine. The Himalayas can be seen from parts of India for the first time in 30 years. A preliminary study has found evidence of a link between places with higher levels of air pollution and higher death rates from Covid-19.

Evidence is being temporarily revealed of the direct impact ‘us' humans are having on the planet and the consequences this is having back on us; yet again affirming we have but one deeply interdependent home. Responding to this and the inevitable future struggle between economic vs environmental recovery, I have created a series of posters taking content from found news articles, sometimes changing a word.

The poster backgrounds are composed of gradient colour bars used in scientific data collected from satellites orbiting Earth. These satellites detect the effects of human activity, where increasing values in light predominantly correspond to activities caused by us. 

About the Artist

Martin Boyle is a conceptual artist whose work includes installation, sculpture, photography, video, and site-specific pieces. Influenced by ideas of uncertainty expressed in both euphoric and dark Romanticism, he explores contradictions in human thoughts, looking at our relationship between order and chaos, humanity and nature, idealism and reality. The work oscillates between private and public spaces appropriating found images and objects. There is an instability in his artwork, which leaves the works open-ended and capable of assuming different meanings.

Boyle lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He graduated with a MFA from the University of Ulster and is a current recipient of the ACES award with the Arts Council of Northern Ireland which cumulated in a solo exhibition at MCAC, Portadown. He has exhibited in galleries across Ireland and UK,  as well as Madrid, Berlin, New York, Tokyo, Taiwan and Indonesia. His recent solo exhibitions include shows at MCAC, Portadown; Droichead Arts Centre, Drogheda; Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast; Art Centre Ongoing, Tokyo; and Ulster Museum, Belfast.