Home from Home
Irish artists respond to COVID 19 restrictions

Julia Pallone

Artist Response

The time at home feels busy - over busy - with not enough space for quiet and privacy. Home from home: what do I do? I try to keep the kids happy making and doing things. Days still feel too short. 

I take a few snapshots: 

  • I wake up after my youngest daughter. She shows me the drawing she just did. An hour-glass. “How appropriate,” I think. (Time, 21/03/2020)
  • Most of our time is spent gardening, making the place our own, suddenly anxious that it might be important to have more veg growing. My daughters write the names of the seeds we have planted on the wall above bare soil. It feels a long way before sprouting.  (Hope, 28/03/2020)
  • My eldest daughter shows me her hand while painting the wooden boxes. They are stained with black paint. The paint follows the lines of her skin. Those black stains make me think of spreading anxiety.  (Worries, 04/04/2020)

My interest lies in the possible occurrences of metamorphosis. I am intrigued by notions of liminality, in how a particular space is inhabited, and how one shape can turn into another.  I like to explore the fantastic in everyday life, not as an intrusion into the real world, but as an inherent part of it. In general, shapes, bodies and objects protrude and grow to emphasize changes or to materialize a transition. In my latest works I explore the notions of belonging to a place, to shelter and protection: the symbol of the gate as a threshold, of frozen animals as guardians. I work with a variety of media ranging from drawing, photography, sculpture, and installation.  Each individual project influences the materials I use, and each project looks for new skills, while keeping hold of a sense of fragility and vulnerability. 

About the Artist

Julia Pallone is a visual artist. She grew up in the Loire valley, France, and, since 2006, has lived and worked in Kinsale. She graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from Nantes’ Ecole des Beaux-Arts (France) in 2002 and simultaneously earned a Master in Italian Humanities from Nantes University.

Julia Pallone has shown in numerous exhibitions both in Ireland and in France. She has been a recipient of several bursaries including The Arts Council and Cork County Council. She was also awarded several art residencies in Ireland and Europe. Recent projects include The Hawk and The House a duo exhibition at Uillinn West Cork Art Centre, the outcome of a three months residency. She is a recipient of the Cork County Council Ballinglen Arts Foundation residency Award 2020.