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Glenkeen Variations: Composing Landscapes

The Glucksman is delighted to host former Glenkeen Garden artists-in-residnce Christiana Chiranagnostaki, Konstanza Kapsali, Markus Huemer and Tania Rubioto to present their work and discuss their research in a talk moderated by Ben Livne Weitzman.

Glenkeen Garden is a masterwork of dynamic composition. Over 25 years, it has been designed, cared for, and constantly revitalised. While general sketches set the garden's tones, stages, and scenes, flora and fauna take over and constantly form and re-form the land from within the pre-given frame. For Composing Landscapes, the Glenkeen Variations' second iteration, former Glenkeen Garden artists-in-residnce Christiana Chiranagnostaki (*1981, Athens) and Konstanza Kapsali (*1989, Thessaloniki), Markus Huemer (*1968, Linz), and Tania Rubio (*1987, Mexico City) explore harmonious and discordant configurations of materials and inspiration drawn from the immediate surroundings of Roaringwater Bay. Using various creative techniques, such as cinematography, painting and music composing, the artists transform their observations and experiences into new forms of encounter. 

At The Glucksman, the artists will present their work and discuss their research in a talk moderated by Ben Livne Weitzman. Light refreshment will be served.

The Glenkeen Variations: Composing Landscapes program further includes an exhibition at the Goethe Institut in Dublin (08.05-08.06) and a day of talks and activities at the Working Artist Studios in Ballydehob (11.05).

The Crespo Foundation, founded by the late Ulrike Crespo (1950—2019)—a gifted photographer, accomplished psychologist and passionate philanthropist—is based in Frankfurt am Main. This organisation supports the arts and artists, as well as various educational and social welfare initiatives. In keeping with Ulrike Crespo’s vision, the residency in Glenkeen Garden has been set up as a place for artists to ruminate, reflect and create.