Amber Broughton Daubenton's Bat

Available through The Art Library

Size78cm x 107cm
ProvenanceCommunity Commission

Amber Broughton’s series of detailed drawings are representative of species of ecological or conservation interest that inhabit the University College Cork campus. UCC is home to a huge diversity of flora and fauna, and some 451 species have been recorded on campus. Broughton’s detailed drawings separate the individual animal from its habitat, floating them in a white background to highlight their unique beauty. As well as focusing on the distinctive presence of each species, this deliberate isolation points to their often-fragile survival. The detailed depictions of the wildlife reference historical scientific illustrations, the practice of creating detailed drawings of flora and fauna, whether to document an expedition or a medical practice, was particularly popular in the 18th century before advances in photography. Scientific illustrators composed accurate depictions of nature, that appealed to the eye, while including correct proportions, colours and anatomical structures.

The selection of species was made by the artist with UCC Green Campus and drew on the biodiversity studies undertaken at the University College Cork campus. The drawings ask viewers to consider wildlife in their local urban green areas and how it can have positive effects for human health and climate change adaptation. 

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