Joy Gerrard (b. 1971)

Joy Gerrard lives and works in Belfast. She graduated with a BA from NCAD, Dublin and an MA and MPhil from the Royal College of Art, London. Gerrard is known for work that investigates different systems of relations between crowds, architecture and the built environment. Using Japanese ink on paper and canvas Gerrard makes detailed ink works which re-create recent political protests from around the world. Recently she has focused on UK based Brexit demonstrations and the Trump resistance in the USA. Recent solo exhibitions include ‘supermarket‘ in Stockholm with Ormston House (2019), ‘shot crowd ’at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin (2017) and Protest Crowd, Peer UK, London (2015). Selected group exhibitons include: Protest and Remembrance, Cristea Roberts Gallery, London, 2019, Graphic Witness at the Drawing Room, London, 2017 and In a Dream You Saw A Way To Survive and You Were Full of Joy; Hayward Gallery Touring show (2016) She has installed multiple public installations since 2004 including major works in the London School of Economics, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, for Tideway (London) and Facebook ( London and Dublin) Gerrard has just completed a residency at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris (2020).

Artworks by Joy Gerrard

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