Colin Crotty (b. 1974)

Colin Crotty’s paintings explore ideas relating to collective behaviour and the formation ofsocial and political boundaries between people and land today. Drawing on subjects from hisimmediate surroundings as well as from found imageshis paintings often reflect uponnarrative themes from art history and popular storytelling. His works are developed throughapplying numerous layers of paint; a process much like collage where the painting of detailedsubjects often dissolves into elementary form.The role of memory and perception is central to Crotty’s work. Found imagery sourced frombooks, documentary film and the internet, become detached from their original meaning andare re-interpreted to create a disjointed narrative.Colin Crottylives and works in Dublin. He studied an MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art,London and a BA Fine Art, CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork.

Artworks by Colin Crotty

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