Amanda Coogan (b. 1971)

Amanda Coogan is an artist who works in live art, performance, photography and video. Both of her parents are deaf, and Irish Sign Language is her first language. This heavily influenced her decision to become a performance artist, as communicating with her body was so natural to her. Coogan explores issues such as gender inequality, human rights, ‘otherness’ or the feeling of not belonging. Through the medium of her body and collaborative acts, she challenges social and political structures. Her expertise lie in her ability to condense an idea to its very essence and communicate it through her body. Her artistic practice consists of live performance which is then followed by video and photographs from the performance. Coogan holds a degree in Sculpture from Dublin’s National College of Art and Design. She was a Masters student of Marina Abramovic at the Hochschule fur Bildende Kunst in Braunschweig, Germany and was awarded her PhD by the University of Ulster in 2013.


Artworks by Amanda Coogan

The UCC Art Collection includes the following artworks