Prism: The art and science of light

Do you know how many colours are in the visible spectrum? Explore the art and science of light in the Glucksman's new exhibition.

Featuring the internationally renowned artist Jenny Holzer, famous for her LED activist artworks, Prism considers the ways in which artists have worked with light as both subject matter and medium. From paintings inspired by computer generated imagery to plastic test tubes turned into a colourful chandelier, this exhibition presents a vibrant look at the art and science of light. 

The Glucksman is delighted to present Prism: the art and science of light in partnership with IPIC, the Irish Photonic Integration Centre at the Tyndall Institute, UCC. The exhibition presents eleven Irish and international artists whose work explores how light informs our understanding of the world and our communications with others. 

The exhibition opens to the public at 5pm on 1 December 2018. An extensive programme of curated events takes place during the exhibition run.