TRAVELLED TALES: The Book of Lismore at University College Cork

until 30 October 2011

Travelled Tales is an exhibition centred on The Book of Lismore, a 15th century Gaelic manuscript from Munster that has never been publicly displayed until now. From the time of its creation, the Book of Lismore,
or Leabhar MacCarthaigh Riabhach, has experienced an extraordinary journey through Ireland, England and Wales. It has passed through some of the most influential families in the land. It has resided in abbeys, castles, libraries and in the homes of those who had the responsibility for its custodianship. It has been read, studied and transcribed – illuminated even – by noblemen, scholars and scribes.

Travelled Tales encapsulates the cultural heritage of Cork, Munster and Ireland and scholarship by UCC academics casts new light on this iconic manuscript. Like other surviving manuscripts in Irish, the Book of
Lismore illustrates the multi-layered histories and traditions of our past. The exhibition also includes related Irish manuscripts and an important Van Dyck portrait.

The exhibition is made possible by loans from the Trustees of the Chatsworth Settlement Trust, the National Library of Ireland, the Royal Irish Academy and the Russell Library NUI Maynooth. The School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies gave assistance in the creation and supply of digital images for the exhibition.