Out of the Dark Room: Works from the David Kronn Collection
25 November 2011 - 18 March 2012

As a geneticist, I’m fascinated by those photographers who reduce things to their simplest form”.
David Kronn

This exhibition presents a selection of works from the distinguished photography collection of Dr. David Kronn, an Irish-born American medical geneticist who lives and works in the USA. Dr. Kronn had an early interest in photography, learning to use a darkroom at his school camera club and he remained an active photographer while he was studying medicine at Trinity College Dublin. When his medical training took him to New York, this interest in photography developed into a passion for collecting pictures. Dr. Kronn’s collection reflects both personal and professional interests. As a paediatrician, perhaps it is obvious that themes of childhood would emerge, but also of note is the diagnostic interest in pattern recognition, the prevalence of Irish subject matter, as well as a great empathy for the human condition. The exhibition Out of the Dark Room was first presented at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Summer 2011 and for the Glucksman spaces, the curatorial team of Chris Clarke, Fiona Kearney, and Matt Packer have reworked the images selected by Seán Kissane, IMMA’s Head of Exhibitions, into four thematic groupings: Classification, Encounter, Surface and Time. These categories invite you to consider Dr. Kronn’s collection in relation to wider concerns within the history of photography.

The exhibition is presented in association with The Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Private exhibition tour with Dr. David Kronn
Friday 24th February 5:30pm

Join us on the evening before the Developing Pictures symposium for a private exhibition tour of Out of the Dark Room: Works from The David Kronn Collection. Led by Dr. David Kronn, this tour will explore this significant collection of photography from the perspective of its collector.

€10 or free with registration for Developing Pictures symposium
Download symposium programme here.

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