IN OTHER WORDS: the place of text in recent art

22 July - 30 October 2011

Semâ Bekirovic, Erica van Horn & Simon Cutts, Niamh McCann, Cerith Wyn Evans, Takahiko Iimura, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, Kay Rosen, Peter Downsbrough, Michael Stumpf, Tim Etchells.

Curated by Graham Allen and Matt Packer

IN OTHER WORDS explores relationships between art and text, featuring artists that use words as material in works of sculpture, installation and video. The visual and spatial possibilities of text have long been explored by artists and writers. This interest in the visual dimension of language – the ways in which we traditionally see through words to their apparent meaning – is emphasised through artworks in the exhibition that question the constructions of language, ideas of legibility and the distinctions between reading and viewing.

In our present age of text-messaging and e-mails, the written word is both pervasive and unstable; texts are easily corrected, manipulated and erased. A series of thematic provocations prepared by Graham Allen are displayed around the gallery as textual tangents to the artworks on display. Whether digitised on a screen, painted on a wall, or printed on a page, a single text can infer different meanings and significances according to its form of presentation.

Many of the artworks in the exhibition are a response to the specific architecture of the Lewis Glucksman Gallery. In various instances, artworks use the full extent of the gallery walls and populate window areas, ceilings and floors. Other works seem to cast an architectural space of their own. In different ways, these artworks invite viewers to consider how text can interact with perceptions of space, as we stand, look and move through it.

Tangents public seminar
River Room, 5pm 28 September 2011 - further information here