From Highwood to Home: Highlights from a private collection
25 November 2011 - 18 March 2012

Taking its title from a Nick Miller painting featured in the exhibition, From Highwood to Home presents the works of contemporary Irish artists in a significant private collection of Irish art. The selected works each address and interpret local territories, albeit in very different ways. From the thrilling seascape painting of Donald Teskey to the politically charged graveyard scene created by Brian Maguire, each artist has their own individual perspective on Irish life and history. Some artists seem committed to a documentary mode, others depict mythic and imagined narratives. Their different viewpoints reveal an Ireland that is mournful, isolated, bright, tumultuous, and inspiring.

Artists: Barrie Cooke, Dorothy Cross, Rita Duffy, Patrick Graham, Eithne Jordan, Michael Kane, Brian Maguire, Niamh McCann, Nick Miller, Hughie O’Donoghue, Patrick Scott, Donald Teskey, and Charles Tyrell.

For further information please contact the information desk on 021 490 1844.