From Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 2pm - 5pm
Monday closed

Art in the Foyer:
Creative partnerships on display

A showcase of UCC’s and Cork’s cultural vibrancy

The Glucksman foyer space regularly features temporary displays that showcase the many ways in which creativity is present on our campus and in our city. These short exhibits draw on Cork’s rich cultural calendar, highlight the collaborative work of our education department with schools and community groups, and present some of the artistic approaches taken by academic departments in UCC in their research and engagement with the wider public.

Exhibitions this season include:

Photo Legends

Photography by young adults supported by Cope Foundation.

First Fortnight

Showcase of The Project Twins work in UCC Art Collection

UCC Refugee Week

Overview of the Glucksman's work with young refugees and asylum seekers.

Deerpark CBS

Collaboration with second level students

Medicine through the Arts

UCC Student Union collaboration

Be Sound to your Body

UCC Student Union collaboration

Equality Week

Exhibition in partnership with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion unit.