Sanctuary Runners

UCC is a University of Sanctuary and we proudly celebrate the Sanctuary Runners as a community integration movement. 

The Sanctuary Runners enable Irish People to run alongside, and in solidarity with those in Direct Provision with the goal of fostering friendship, positivity and respect while bringing greater awareness to the system in which asylum seekers live. Established in Cork in February 2018 by feature writer and broadcaster Graham Clifford and photographer Clare Keogh, the movement now has over 1200 members and will have over 350 runners taking part in the Cork Marathon on 2 June 2019.

This photographic display captures the spirit of the runners and the positive impact the initiative has had on the residents of Direct Provision Centres, on their families and on the Irish people who run alongside them. The photographs taken by members of the Sanctuary Runners give a glimpse at the friendships formed and the precious memories that are created. 

The Sanctuary Runners model brings together Irish people and asylum seekers in Direct Provision enabling them to run on the same Sanctuary Runners team. They are non-political and the focus is on humanitarianism and positive action. The positive impact of physical exercise and the normality brought by running shoulder-to-shoulder with others benefits asylum seekers and Irish runners alike.

University College Cork achieved University of Sanctuary status in 2018 and the Glucksman is proud to be part of this ethos, by enabling the creative agency of young asylum seekers, refugees and migrants through participative projects funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.