Home from Home
Irish artists respond to COVID 19 restrictions

Mieke Vanmechelen

Artist Response

This interaction, produced during March 2020, evokes a range of thoughts and feelings with the simplest economy of artistic means. The isolated figure is caught in the act of searching for equilibrium, the world has been toppled and the generally accepted position has shifted.

 The work is symbolic of a global crisis and represents the current situation as we deal with the direct terrors of a new and stark reality. The enemy amongst us is a force that inevitably threatens our future. Questions are raised around our reluctance to recognise that previous comforts have accelerated the destabilising of our organised world.

 A sense of disquiet is generated through a sudden confrontation with space, time and a feeling of futility at being overcome and crushed by the enormity of the cosmos. We sense the vulnerability.

About the Artist

Mieke Vanmechelen is interested in alternative ways of ‘being’ that do not include the metrics of momentary gratification. She makes films using observational and performative methodologies. She is drawn to imagery that is viscerally charged, explicitly harsh, yet inherently untamed and resonant of an intrinsic life force. She holds a BA from Trinity College Dublin (1996) and received an MA in Art & Process from Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork (2014).

Recently her work was selected to be part of  RAGFF  New York and NY Independent Film Festival (2020). Selected works have screened at The Scottish Royal Academy Edinburgh (2020), Luminous Void, Experimental Film Festival as part of LUX Critical Forum Cork Artists’ Programme (2019).  Residual Minority was a finalist in both the Florence Film Awards & the Intimate Lens Ethnographic Film Festival, Caserta Italy (2019).