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Glucksman Futures

What lies ahead? How will our current society change in the coming years, as new technologies advance and different opportunities arise? Which ideas will the next generation of artists, curators and innovators develop, and how can we help them get there?

Glucksman Futures looks to answer these questions by investing in the experiences and vision of an emerging generation of curators. It encourages them to actively get involved in curating in the public realm, to make sense of the issues that they face every day, and to gain a practical understanding of how best to display and communicate their ideas to the world.

The module involves workshop sessions on curatorial practice, research and reflection on agreed curatorial project, teamwork on the preparation and presentation of the public displays, and exhibition standard presetnation of visual and archival material in the public realm.

If you are interested to apply, please consult the full module description here and email for an application form.