First Fortnight: The Project Twins

As part of First Fortnight European Mental Health Art + Culture Festival, we are showcasing works from the University College Cork art collection by Cork based artists and designers The Project Twins.

The Project Twins create bold and playful concept-driven graphics usually with a sense of wit and irony, that draw inspiration from the design innovators of New York in the 1960s. The artworks on display, Muddled, 2014; and Round The Bend, 2015 in the Glucksman Foyer Space and Round & Round, 2017; in Bobo Café address the way we confront issues of self-esteem and depression while rasing questions of meaning and expectations that accompany these experiences. 

First Fortnight seeks to make the first two weeks of each year synonymous with mental health awareness, challenging prejudice and ending stigma. First Fortnight aims to create a consistent space in the cultural calendar where people can be inspired through arts events and experiences to talk about mental health issues in a non-scripted manner. 

The Glucksman is an inclusive organisation that invites diverse communities of interest and place to access and contribute to our programmes. If you would like to get involved with your community, please contact to start a conversation about art and people.