Little Interview January 2021

Every month we ask the same set of questions to someone collaborating with us. Over the last two years, we have interviewed diverse members of the Glucksman community - artists, academics, staff members, guests, audiences and workshop participants. The responses are funny, inspiring, revealing and always a great read.

This month, we feature artist James L Hayes, whose work is part of the forthcoming exhibition Home: Being and Belonging in Contemporary Ireland and who contributed to our Home from Home initiative. 

What are you reading?
Reading a really detailed biogography on J.Robert Oppenheimer by Kai Bird & Martin J.Sherwin, American Prometheus, quite incredible story of the theoretical physicist and the triumph and tragedy of his life and work. Also reading a beautiful new collection of poems by my great friend Poet & Artist Sean Borodale, Inmates, 2020 which is just so lyrical and fascinatingly scripted, and follows on from his sublime collections Asylum and Home Work.

Favourite museum? 
Wow so many favourite museums, art wise think my favourite museum or collections would be DIA-Beacon, in New York State, incredible collection of modernist and minimalist works held by the Dia Art Foundation . A really profound and quiet setting for incredible works by Michael Heizer, Bruce Nauman, Joseph Beuys, Richard Serra, John Chamberlain etc. I also really love the Menil Collection in Houston and their wonderful pavilions by Dan Flavin, Cy Twombly and the Rothko Chapel. Other stand out Museums I really enjoy would be the Pima Air Space Museum outside of Tucson in Arizona , sited next to AMARC and Davis Monthan Airforce base where the US air force store there over spill of military aircraft in dry humid free air of Arizona dessert. I was also really fascinated to visit the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and their endless pursuit to preserve the wonderful 17th Century warship that capsized and sank on its maiden voyage in 1628.

Best performance? 
Munster V Gloucester in Thomond Park Limerick 2003, (AKA as the miracle match !)

Most treasured possession? 
I have many artworks collected over years,  given to me by friends and artists that I have worked for and with which are all very treasured. I also very much treasure my CUBE road bike and my Kitchen Aid Mixer ! ( & I kinda think they may balance each other out!! )

Work(s) of art that inspire you? 
The long man of Wilmington, 1981, Barry Flanagan; I like America and America Likes me, 1974; Joseph Beuys, Behold the child, 1906; Mendarro Rosso, The Hole in the Sea, 1969; Barry Flanagan, Klutterkammer, 2004; John Bock, Khue ( & Djed) 2009; Matthew Barney Maternal Chain of Office, 2018; Rachel Fallon and too many works to mention by Richard Serra, Rebecca Horn, Olaf Eilason, Gelaten, James Turrell and the writings of J.G. Ballard.

Lightbulb moment? 
Think maybe making my first bronze cast , or more specifically making my balls of twine works (Two balls of twine for Barry Flanagan, 2002/2019). And ultimately leading me to make my own iron and the incredible alchemy and enthralling drama and fascination that brings to one’s art practice.

Guilty pleasure?
Being gloriously thrown back to Star Wars of my childhood by the wonderfully crafted Mandalorian series by Jon Favreau, so captivating , so funny, just beautiful escapism…

What would you like to be doing right now?
Would like be in Thomond Park with my friend and wonderful Limerick based photographer Darren Ryan or maybe being in beautiful Bar La Tresas in Seville having a glass of Olo Rosso with some jamon Iberico.