Little Interview

Every month we ask the same set of questions to someone collaborating with us. Over the last two years, we have interviewed diverse members of the Glucksman community - artists, academics, staff members, guests, audiences and workshop participants. The responses are funny, inspiring, revealing and always a great read.

This month, we feature Mathilde Corbineau, our Retail + Development Manager, who is looking forward to welcoming you back to the gallery shop from 13 July in person or online!

What are you reading?
I'm your man: The life of Leonard Cohen by Sylvie Simmons. Great book which gives the reader an insight into the artist's life.

Favourite museum? 
Hard to pick but I would have to say I was mesmerised by my visit to the Dali Theatre- Museum in Figueres. A captivating space created by the artist to offer a real experience to the visitor. Surreal!

Best performance? 
Bjork, Cornucopia tour in November 2019 in the 3 Arena. Superb performance by all artists. Fantastic stage set, powerful visuals and enchanting vocals. It blew me away for a couple of hours and still resonates.

Most treasured possession? 
This is a difficult one as I am not a materialistic person but I tend to hold on to everything. I suppose it could be my sketchbooks which I have kept for years and moved around with me. I couldn't throw them away, they all tell different stories depicting my state of mind throughout my life, visually.

Work(s) of art that inspire you? 
Yayoi Kusama, Carsten Höller, Ernesto Neto... I'm inspired by artworks that immerse the viewer and challenge our environment.

Lightbulb moment? 
The power of communication. When I came to Ireland in 2003, my level of english wasn't great and I had to re-learn how to live through another language which was very challenging. I had to express myself in simple terms and learn how to listen differently. I realise that misunderstandings can happen very quickly and create dramatic scenarios; straightforward talking usually brings straightforward answers and that sometimes it's better to just listen.  

Guilty pleasure?
Dark chocolate! 

What would you like to be doing right now?
I would love to be sitting around the table with my family in my parents' garden in France. It's been a long time since I last visited and plans have been cancelled due to the current situation.