Little Interview

Every month we ask the same set of questions to someone collaborating with us. Over the last two years, we have interviewed diverse members of the Glucksman community - artists, academics, staff members, guests, audiences and workshop participants. The responses are funny, inspiring, revealing and always a great read.

This month, we feature Ugonna Duru, 15 years old and one of the talented participants in our New Generation project which launches as part of the nationwide Culture Night celebrations on 18 September.

What are you reading?
A book I recently finished reading is The Partner by John Grisham. I really enjoyed it because of the mystery but also how unique the story is. I would definitely recommend it.

Favourite museum? 
My favourite museum is the Louvre in France. I went there when I was very young so I don’t remember much but I do remember this one artwork that I liked called Seashore by Moonlight by Caspar David Friedrich.

Best performance? 
What I feel was my best performance was a solo I sang in my choir. I felt especially proud after the performance when I was praised by my conductor, parents and other choir members.

Most treasured possession? 
My most treasured possession is a beautiful clay piece of a small girl wearing a white dress with metal wings, pressing her ear against a seashell. The piece is important to me as my godparents gave it to me. To be honest, I’m not usually very sentimental when it comes to objects, but I really treasure this one.

Work(s) of art that inspire you? 
Works that really inspired me during my life are usually books and films that I read or watch and am inspired to draw from. One example is the Broadway musical Hamilton.

Lightbulb moment? 
My best lightbulb moments are probably when I come up with an image for an artwork that I really like the idea of and would like to draw.  

Guilty pleasure?
Reading in my room with a cup of tea and the sound of the rain against the window.

What would you like to be doing right now?
Right now I would love to be drawing or painting.