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The GLUCKSMAN Little Interview

Each week we ask the same set of questions to a different member of our community. Throughout 2015, we interviewed diverse members of the Glucksman community - artists, academics, staff members, guests, audiences and workshop participants. The responses were funny, inspiring, revealing and always a great read. The archive of 2015's interviews can be found here. Thanks to all who took part!

This week we hear from artist Darn Thorn, who is currently showing work as part of 2116: forecast of the next century.


Darn Thorn: 15 April 2016

What are you reading?
Recently for long haul commutes I've been carrying around the Whitechapel - MIT collectionon Ruins. It's general enough to inspire further areas for research, even while jet-lagged.

Favourite museum?
Probably the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. The faded Byzantium icons seen in the extraordinary light of its upper galleries seem an ominous warning against the expansionist ambitions of the West.

Best performance?
Certainly not the best, but the poorly dubbed copy of The Smiths Rank that fell into my hands in 1990 started an appreciation for melodrama and absurdity. Living then in rural Australia, the five people other people I knew who liked it formed a cult. One of them had an original cassette copy.

What is your most treasured possession?
A well travelled Rolleiflex film camera from the 1960's.

What work(s) of art inspire you?
Cinema has always had the biggest influence. I like things that are over the top, so I could mention Herzog or Jodorowsky. The biggest influences though have long been Tarkovsky's Stalker (which should be pompous, but isn't) and Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (visually stunning but overblown and willfully gnomic).

A lightbulb moment?
Discovering in the early years of my art training that a conceptual practice and notions of beauty in art were not necessarily opposed.

Guilty pleasure?
Watching Gordon Ramsay shout at people on telly, it's terrible but I can't look away.

What would you like to be doing right now?
Living in a underground lair in the desert. WiFi and Tesco direct deliveries would be a prerequisite.

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